A Different Kind : Fairy Tale

Written by Vindya Vithana

alt Once upon a time lived she
Stunning and lovely, fair as a pearl
Princess Dizzella…

As in any fairy tale there is
She met her prince charming
Handsome as anyone there can be…

Yeah, they fell in love.
Obvious thing! I know!
But what to do, it was just meant to be…
They got on pretty well
Two cute love birds
Everyone blessed them, even the parents! (Lucky eh?)

One evening they were together
A witch passed by
Evil and wicked, the ugliest there is…

Burned with jealousy, the wicked witch
Determined to hurt the princess
Thought of bewitching the prince…

Disguised as a pretty girl, she flirted with the prince
With the power of her spells
The prince was caught…
So the princess loved the prince, he loved the witch
And the witch loved the prince (just pretended may be!)
A triangle, a tragedy…!

One day Dizzella got to know
That the prince does not love her anymore
Heart broken she was, bleeding so severe…

So soft in heart, princess Dizzella,
Left her prince, hoping he’ll be happy
The witch left the prince too, her wish fulfilled…

Getting his senses, the prince understood
He has been a fool, to lose his true love
But as you and I know, he was too late…

The lonely princess walked far into the jungle
Weeping and weeping, cold and hungry
In the heart of the jungle, she met a kind hunter…
He welcomed her so warm, the good kind hunter
Gave her food to eat, a cozy cave to rest
The time went on; the princess fell for the hunter…

Even the Jungle was so happy, for the hunter being its friend
Flowers bloomed far and wide, birds sang all the day
The hunter gave much love that she felt so fortunate…

Sinking into his past memories, the prince got a decision
To go and find his lost true love
From anywhere she is in the planet of earth…

The prince set off walking along the woods
His sword at ready, his bow on his back
Finally he came to the jungle she lives…
His feet trembled fatigued, when he came to where she was
The princess looked the same, fair as a pearl
The moment he saw her he ran to cuddle her in…

There came the hunter, to see a man running to his love
She was left between two men who loved her a lot
A triangle, a tragedy…!
The good hunter and the valiant prince
Both were not ready to give it in
So they fought, they fought so fierce…!

Looking at this fight from above
The fairy of the jungle couldn’t stand
With a light she came and blew them apart…

She explained so well, how evil it was
To fight over something that is as pure as love
And really to ask from their hearts, the best thing there is to do…

The princess confessed, with tears she said
That she doesn’t have a place to prince in her heart now
So sad the prince was, with remorse he killed himself…

The good hunter had a good heart so real
He was sad over prince’s death
He took the hand of Dizzella, shared her grief embracing her tight…
They lived happily ever after, the hunter and the princess
This also a fairy tale, may be a different kind it is

(Like it or not, I don't mind, never let witches to come in the middle that is!)

Copyright © 2011 Xtream Youth. All rights reserved.

Written by Vindya Vithana (Creative Writer at Xtream Youth)

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